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About the Skills

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About the Skills Empty About the Skills

Post  Kamaji on Tue Dec 30, 2014 12:22 am

What are Skills?
At the left side of your profiles and message posts, you will see the following listed in order:

  • Survival
  • Health
  • Persona
  • Wisdom
  • Endurance
  • Sensibility
  • Invincibility

These are the skills your character uses in role play. You start off with 5 points in each skill the moment you register. This guide will explain what each skill is and and how to obtain them in Missions and Training.

About the Skills
The information below tells what each skill means and how to obtain it in Training and Missions. Read carefully to understand what skills your character might be best suited for as each skill does pertain to a certain rank as well!  ALL skills use some portion of each skill!

Survival: The Survival skill focuses on your characters ability to survive on his/her own. It is a summary of all seven skills put together. Ths means that your character has sufficient levels in each skill that are a 70 or higher. None should be exactly 100, it defeats the purpose of challenges you face in RP. The Survival Bar will be the only full bar aside from the Health bar.
The bar will drop when you lose points in any skill and rise when you gain points in a skill. When you train for each skill, train enough to the amount you want in that skill, but pick it wisely! Changes to a skill will affects the rest of your skills!

Health: Your life depends on the amount of this bar, known as the Health Bar. It tells how healthy you are and if you are injured. The Health Bar does not affect any other skills except the Survival skill. Going to a healer regularly is the best way to ensure good health!

Persona: Persona is a skill that determines your characters personality. Depending on how high or low the bar is, your character could be extremely rude, kindly with a rude streak, or extremely helpful. It is important to keep this skill under control as the actions of your character determine the amount of this bar. This means that this bar does not depend on training but simply the things you do in RP. So be careful!

: This skill determines whether or not your wolf is wise or icredibly ridiculous. To put it lightly, this skill will explain how you decide things for yourself. Are you a character who jumps into things without thinking them through first? Or are you the one who think before he leaps? This skill is easily downed and gained! The wisest are known as Elders!

: This skill explains the time it takes for your character to run out of Invincibility. That means it decides whether you can hold your willfulness or not. Endurance is a skill that sums up all your running, strength and speed together into one word. This bar falls and rises depending on your Health and Invincibility bars.

Sensibility: This is the skill that determines how good your characters senses are. Your sense of smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing are all sumed up in this skill. Your character need to be able to see well for predators, smell prey when it is nearby, use the sense of taste to identify new foods and medicines/herbs, feel things around them to know their surroundings and character bonding and hear when danger may be nearby.

This skill represents your characters strength. It resides mostly in the warrior type ranks, but you would need strength for healing wounds as well. Depending on your strength, you are also dependent on this skill for the sake of survival and strong will to live. Lesser strength would show a fault in will and muscle to bring down prey or foes of the same or different species.

How to Get Skill Points
Skills are given depending on whether it is a Secret Service or a Mission. If you succeed, you gain 5 Skill points in the skill you were training for at that time. If you fail the mission, you receive zero skill points, but neither do you lose any.


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