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Aranes Bio WIP

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Aranes Bio WIP Empty Aranes Bio WIP

Post  Kamaji on Sat Feb 21, 2015 10:23 pm

Character Name - Rank
House: Vampire
Human Age:
House Age: 150
Gender: Female
Name Pronunciation?: Ar-rain
Voice: Normal for a girl
Skin Color:
Body type: Slim
Lip Color: Blood red
Lip type:
 Half full
Eye Color: Light red
Eye type: Oval
Nail Color: Red
Nail type: Rounded Square
Hair Color: Black
Hair type: Thin
Hair Length: Waist
Hair Style(s): Wavy, french Braid, Straight, Middle Pony-tail
Clothing: Red and Black v-neck dress, warrior suit
Shoes: Black middle lower leg slim boots
Jewelery: Silver cross on a golden chain necklace
Weapons: Silver Dagger with intricate fang-like patterns on the blade with a black leather hilt, body length sword with same fang-like pattern on the blade and black hilt, Black bow and arrows with same fang-like pattern, black in color
Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrows
Character Attributes
Character Traits:
Loyal, Kind, caring, stern, willful
Likes: Hunting in the forest at night
Creatures who cannot control their powers
Habits: Tends to constantly fiddle with her necklace self consciously, taps her foot as she waits for others.
Tragic Flaws:
Arane easily loses her temper

(Where were they born)
Father: (Male
Mother: (Female parent)
(Sisters and Brothers)
Other Relatives:
(Aunts, Uncles, cousins, etc)
Spouse: (You
could put their spouses name OR whether they are available or
Children: (Names if their
Adoptions?: (Did your character
adopt anyone? Put their names!)

Character's Gender : Male
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