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Kesia the SwagMaster

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Kesia the SwagMaster Empty Kesia the SwagMaster

Post  Kesia on Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:54 am


Character's Name Pronunciation/Nicknames: Kee-c-a
Character's Nicknames: Kess, Sia, Kessy, Key


Character's Classification/Species: Great Plains wolf(Also known as the buffalo wolf)
Character's Gender: Female
Character's Age: 4 Years
Character's Rank: None Currently
Character's Orientation: Demisexual
Character's Voice: Kesia has a warm and powerful voice but can be light at times. So Between high and average
Character's Scent: Field berries, raspberries, strawberry's, iris's, and violets

Character's Personality: Kesia is a headstrong character who will work very hard to prove her point. She'll sulk maybe for a few moments before finally moving on. She knows she has work to do and she'd rather get the job done so that she can have time to sleep and do other things. She has her moments of adoring pups but if they're throwing up or crying for no reason she mostly doesn't want to be near them. If her leaders ask her to do something she'll do it. She believes there is a reason there is a leader and who is she to say they're wrong.
Character's Interests: For the most part kesia enjoys soaking in the water on hot days. And when she's not swimming she's basking in the sun. Kesia likes watching the clouds roll by and even enjoys the strong winds before a storm. CoughShe absolutely loves flowersCough
Character's Dislikes: Even though she doesn't like to admit it she hugely hates the dark,when the sun is gone and the warmth leaves the ground. She also dislikes the snow, yes she finds it pretty but the feel of it on her fur and paws makes her irritable. To her the dark and cold feel like death. In which she fears. Ceasing to exist, the lost of her thoughts, a disappearance of the signs that she ever had even existed.
Character's Habits: Kesia has a habit of grating her teeth together. Mostly hurts her jaws. The second would be dozing off when she is in the middle of something. Not necessarily daytime sleeping but letting her mind wonder.Third habit would be jumping to conclusions which can lead to bad results. The last bad habit would be forgetting to feed herself half the time.

Character's Appearance: Kesia is a brown wolf with darks and lighter browns mixed in.
Character's Eye Color: Gold right eye and a blue left eye.
Character's Abnormalities: Half the left ear is torn off. Four large claw marks on right hip. A bite mark on the left of her neck and a bite/tear mark on her left leg near the bend to the paw.
Character's Reference: Kesia the SwagMaster Kesiareference_by_kesiatheswagmaster-d8j99um

Character's Parents: Cecilia-Mother Jask-Father
Character's Siblings: Sister/s:Zola, Ira, Miska, Rayne, Zina
Brother/s Aiden, Ajax

Character's Extended Family: None
Character's Mate: None
Character's Offspring: None
Character's History: Kesia was born to a loner pair, they raised her and showed her the lessons of life before sending her off on her own. Along the way she came across crude creatures that were a pain in the rear-end....literally. Her parents may have taught her some but the life of a loner taught her many lessons. There were times she came across her siblings in which they hunted together and even howled together. But for of a loner became lonesome and so she sought out a pack that would teach her what it meant to fight and hunt for another.


Character's Gender : Female
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