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The Traditional Hunt WIP

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The Traditional Hunt WIP Empty The Traditional Hunt WIP

Post  Arane on Thu Feb 19, 2015 12:22 am

[size=32]The Traditional Hunt[/size]
The Traditional Hunt

What is the Hunt?
The Hunt is a seasonal event where humans and mythical creatures in RP may show off their skill through competition of hunting the greatest amount of game they possibly can within the limited amount of time they are given.

What's the Objective?
The objective is to hunt as much game as you can with in the time limit. Survive obstacles of the Hunt and return safely back to your designated kingdom.

When does the Hunt specifically take place?
Start of Fall(September) to start of Spring(March)

How it works?
Heads Up - A month prior to The Hunt, an Admin will send out a Notification to every user about the Hunt coming up so that we may schedule it to a time where most users may be able to participate for larger competition. It will be labeled, "The Gathering" as the second step is called. The PM will consist of the date, place, requirements, rules of the gathering, a number in bright yellow,(To be explained below) background about the Gathering(In case you forget what it is), supplies needed for the journey, and addition information dealing with the obstacles of your course.
As explained above, the Gathering Message will contain the following: date the Hunt begins, place where the Hunt takes resides, requirements needed for your quest, rules of the gathering, and a number in bright yellow.
The number you will receive is the number you go by during the hunt. Think of it like a Dogtag, your ID number. The purpose of the number is for Admins to easily identify you during your hunt.
Additional information and details will be seen in the PM once it is sent out to you.

The Gathering - In the RP, Arrow will call upon all Mythical Creatures to present themselves in front of a place where all species meet in peace(To be known later on). Once assembled, Arrow will say the following: "It's time for The Hunt!". It will be the signal that the hunt is about to begin. After a speech, Arrow will then ask for those who wish to participate to step forward to be counted and observed for your worth to be in the Hunt. Once the participants have been made final, the gathering will be dismissed.

Preparation - It's important that all participants of the Hunt prepare themselves for the journey the very next day after the gathering. Required supplies will be listed in "The Gathering" PM you received a month prior. You are allowed to bring extra supplies provided you are able to carry your own weight. Supplies may be purchased at your local village shops.

Biding Goodbye - The Hunt is not something every man or woman survives in the harsh conditions they will encounter. Thus, it is better to bide your loved ones good bye before leaving. Those who do not bear the burden of children or wife are excused from this task.

Final Meeting - As tradition, the Arrow will meet at the Place of Peace and wish them luck in a moment of silence.

Important Conditions and Rules

Women Hunters - Women are allowed to participate in the Hunt on several conditions. One, they cannot be bearing a child. Two, they must be experienced warriors with two months worth of training. Our third condition is that they must prove their worth of skill in hunting by demonstration a small solo hunt before the Council two months prior to The Gathering. Sooner, the better.

Child Participants - Children are prohibited from the hunt as they are considered 'precious' to other family members. The legal age for bracing a child's first hunt is eighteen. However, like women, they would need to demonstrate a solo hunt before the Council.
(Same goes for any adult wanting to do his first hunt)

Group Hunts - The Hunt is based on Solo achievement, however, there will be time periods that allow groups of no more than two people to hunt as a team.

Power Hunting - Initially, it wouldn't be a challenge if you power played, now would it?As such it is prohibited. To ensure that this is kept in order, the Hunt will be role-played by individual topics.(More info below)

Topic Hunting - One Day Prior to the start of the Hunt, we will ask that all all participants choose partners to RP with. They're not going to hunt WITH you but RP with you(Unless you are hunting within a group, then your group will simply rp together). Once you Partner has agreed to be your partner, then you may create a new topic within the Hunting forum titled, 'The Hunt' and both names of the characters who are RPing in that topic. Naturally your place of RP will be the place the Admins choose but obviously somewhere in the realm of your Kingdom, sometimes rival kingdoms to shake things up.
The purpose of this method in hunting is to make following posts much easier on the Council and Admins as we supervise the hunts. If needed, the number of posters may be added to the groups so that it's more than two depending on how many participants decide to Hunt. It's also better than double posting which is not allowed here in this forum.
The first post of the Hunting topic should contain the following information of both characters: Health, stamina, number of supplies per item, weapons he/she is carrying and the number in yellow found in the Gathering Message. The Admins will play out your hunts according to your characters stature. It makes the Hunts different for each user.
Place 'READY' in the title of your topic once the first post has been created so we know your prepared to start.

Ready! - Once all of the required things above have been taken into consideration, or met to standards, Royals will then call a second Gathering on the day Hunters Depart. Everyone will meet at the Place of Peace and then on the Ready, split into the areas they are hunting in.
Important note! - Being a part of the hunt means you are away from the main rp until the day your a told to return. You live in the wilderness or some form of shelter for four months and you cannot return. If your character wishes to pull out of the Hunt, he\she may, but and points and\or rewards gained, would be lost to the other Hunter within the topic you participated in.


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