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A Snapshot into Tardis's Life

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A Snapshot into Tardis's Life Empty A Snapshot into Tardis's Life

Post  Tardis on Sun Feb 01, 2015 8:36 pm

Hope you don't mind me just doing it without the fans stuff.  just way easier to keep track Wink

Character's name: Tardis (pronounced exactly how you see it.)

Nicknames: None, but anyone are willing to make one up if so wishes.

Character's Classification/Species: Canidae (Direwolf)

Character's Gender: Female
Character's Age:2 years
Character's Rank:None yet
Character's Orientation: Hmm, let's say open?  Tardis is very open minded Smile
Character's Voice: melodious

Character's Personality: Usually calm, and friendly.  Sometimes Tardis likes to be alone, but she always welcomes a friend.  She likes a small group of friends rather than a lot or she gets overwhelmed.  She is adventurous and likes taking risks.  Although she is a fighter, she prefers peace.  However, if someone attacks someone she cares about, she will fight with all she got.
Character's Interests: Tardis likes to play, climbing steep hills, and hanging out with friends
Character's Dislikes:Large unnecessary fights, fire, very cold winters and senseless murders.
Character's Habits: Good, likes runs and always stays alert.  Bad, sometimes withdraws into herself and sometimes she has violent mood swings.  

Character's Appearance: Tardis is a cream brown with black and grey markings on her back.  Her tail is cream darkening to black at the tip.  Behind her ears, she has a speck of silver and on her flank, she has a scar from previous fights.  Otherwise, she is unmarked by any distinct shapes.
Character's Eye Color: Brilliant amber
Character's Abnormalities: Tardis has a scar on her flank from previous fights.  The only thing she's afraid of is fire.
Character's Reference: See avatar, I don't remember where I got the image from lols

Character's Parents: M, Arora F, Torack
Character's Siblings: Smoky, Lan, and Rita
Character's Extended Family: Undecided
Character's Mate: NA, she's getting a new start.
Character's Offspring: No
Character's History: Tardis is from the clan Atken and have been brought up by them as a fighter.  One day, she was patrolling the forest around their land when she walked into a time warm and ended up here. She have tried looking for her way back to her time, but the time warp seemed to be a one way door only. She have wandered the new world she ended up in and hopes to find a new home and a new start. After traveling over mountains and crossing more rivers than she could count, she have found the Metazoic.

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