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Nova's Biographies

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Nova's Biographies Empty Nova's Biographies

Post  Tascalusa on Sat Jan 31, 2015 9:56 am


Character's Name Pronunciation/Nicknames: No-V'uh
Character's Nicknames: -


Character's Classification/Species: Canidae; Wolf
Character's Gender: Male
Character's Age: 2 Years, 3 Months
Character's Rank: None; making his own.
Character's Orientation: Straight
Character's Voice: Deep, but also smooth and soothing.
Character's Scent: Grass and sweat.

Character's Personality: Nova is a wise wolf. Can be too confident sometimes, but only when the time is appropriate. He sees himself as being the protector and overseer of all.
Character's Interests: Medicines, Love, Running, Swimming, and playing one-on-one
Character's Dislikes: Coyotes, being disturbed while sleeping, mean flirting games, and fighting.
Character's Habits: Overly trusting an individual, always alert, can come off as over aggressive, and a knack for detecting one's emotions.

Character's Appearance: White and Gray
Character's Eye Color: Green
Character's Abnormalities: Scar on right shoulder; fears to fail his pack and peers.
Character's Reference: Image coming soon

Character's Parents: Unkown
Character's Siblings: None
Character's Extended Family: No
Character's Mate: -
Character's Offspring: -
Character's History: novas parents were kiled at a very young age and he was forced to leave home and find a new pack, a pack further west of his took him in and raised him to be the skiled leader he is today. he strivesed always to grow up and start a pack of his own, that day has come and now Nova searches for other loners in search of a pack, he also desires the company of a mate as he has long been alone and is ready to start his life, he wishess to share that life with his mate


Character's Gender : Female
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