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IMPORTANT: Warning System

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IMPORTANT: Warning System Empty IMPORTANT: Warning System

Post  Kamaji on Sun Jan 25, 2015 7:36 pm

The Warning system is a strict but fair and precise tool Staff will use to keep members in check and following the rules. As said in previous guides, the Staff takes great care in members following the set guides and rules of the forums. In return, the Staff allows many privileges to its members. Review this guide carefully to understand the way things work.

Members receive a total of four warnings. Below are explanation of what happens when you receive these warnings. Please review them and keep in mind that it is preferred to follow the rules to prevent these consequences.

Letting it go:
This is simply a verbal warning from staff asking that you discontinue breaking the current rule. This means that staff may consult you not to break the rule with a gentle reminder of the exact rule you are breaking. For example, if the post limit was not 100 words and you only posted 50, staff would post on the thread to remind you of the rules here on Mesozoic. This warning won't be counted as your first warning but simply a gentle reminder Smile

1st Warning: This is your second offense. This means that you are breaking another rule. It doesn't have to be the same one as before. With a first warning, you are told verbally once more to stop breaking the current rule, correct your actions, and carry on. This warning however, will go on record for Staff. You will be told to read the rules and continue on with fun around Mesozoic.

2nd Warning: You broke another rule! Staff will take action and two things will happen: A TEMPORARY demote from your rank and you will need to complete a quiz.

Demote time periods are determined by the rule that was broken. Depending on the number of that rule in the guide is how many days you are stripped of your rank. For example if you broke a rule, say the posting rule and it is number 5 in the guide, then you are demoted for 5 days. Staff will return your rank to you at the end of the 5th day and you will resume your duties in Role Play as Role Play privileges are removed from you as well.

When you take the quiz, you will receive the questions via PM. You will have a few minutes to read the guides and rules BEFORE you recieve the PM containing the quiz. Your permissions to view the Guest Center are removed while you take the quiz to prevent cheating. 8% will be required to pass the quiz. You will be allowed to retake the quiz until you get the answers right. After the quiz is done, you are then allowed to resume your experience on Mesozoic Smile

3rd Warning: Certain Privileges are taken from you. You will not be allowed to do the following:

  • Chat in Chatbox

  • Send Private Messages

  • Play games

  • Limited to one Character for a certain time period chosen by staff(You as a member are allowed to choose the character you will be using in that time period which are chosen by the staff.)

4th Warning: You are kicked from the pack! Once you are removed, you are "Banned" for a certain time period chosen by the staff. At the end of that time frame you are able to submit an application to the staff telling us why you should be allowed to rejoin. Staff will review your application and reply as soon as the situation is discussed.
NOTE: Applications are to be submitted via PM! Accounts are simply Deactivated, not literally banned. Users will have them activated if their applications are valid to the staff.


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