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Jewels, Wallets, and Transactions

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Jewels, Wallets, and Transactions Empty Jewels, Wallets, and Transactions

Post  Kamaji on Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:34 pm

Banking on Mesozoic is very much like banking in real life, only it is much simpler and doesn't take 30 days to set things up. Mesozoic allows users to purchase useful items from the Pack Trade Center. In order to conduct purchases in an organized manner, users have three things they need to keep track of: Jewels, Your Wallet, and Transactions. This guide will explain what those three things are and how you may use them around the forums.

When you purchase items at the Pack Trade Center or via a member's shop, you would use the currency of Jewels to pay for them. Jewels are red stones which all count a one jewel per stone. For example, if you have 10 jewels in your Wallet, you have the currency of 10 Jewels to spend on an item from the Trade Center or a member's shop. Jewels can be earned via RP posts, event participation, winning contests, and by simply being active around the community. As the owner of your jewels, you reserve the right to spend your jewels on anything you desire!

As you gain jewels around the forum, you'll need someplace to stick your riches before your hands overflow! In this case, we'd like to present you with your very own wallet! You don't need to pay for one, nor do you need to worry about it overflowing; its absolutely limitless! This will come in handy for you to keep track of how many jewels you have.

After joining the site, you will have an automatic currency of 10 Jewels. You have the option to use these however you wish since you automatically start with necessary items you'll need for your training. Gain more sooner by participating in any activities or events the pack has going on at the time you join. Be sure to check and see if we are accepting participants before signing up!

Now that you know everything you need to know about jewels and wallets, its time you learned how to use those things in transactions. Mesozoic has a goal-one of many-that transactions go smoothly amongst users. As such, there is a forum for users to do just that here.

When you conduct a Transaction, you are simply asking Staff to move a certain amount of Jewels from account to another. For example, if you have just received an item from the Trade Center, you'll need to finish the transaction buy submitting your purchase. Even though there is a form users fill out which does include the total amount you are spending, Staff may not always see it. So, to keep a much more organized topic, we will include the transaction forum so that only the Transactions are posted there. More information can be found on the Transaction Topic found here.


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