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Armythia: Joining Thread

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Armythia: Joining Thread Empty Armythia: Joining Thread

Post  Kamaji on Thu Jan 01, 2015 3:09 am

Join Armythia!

Hello, I am Kamaji, the Dominant of the Armythia Pack. I too was once a warrior like yourself. I forged my legend long ago when I was young, and now I wish to live in peace. You and are the same, I think, otherwise, I do not think we would have met. Armythia is a place of peace, a place to create memories and create the things we never thought we could have. Families, a place to call home, a place to belong. If your a wolf wishing for things like that, this would be the place to stay!
Below, you will find my joining form of Armythia. Please, fill it and begin your adventure as a wolf of Armythia. I have no doubt the Realm Guardian, Amatia, would love to meet you!


Before you join the realm, please take a look at these topics if you haven't already! They will explain the ranking system, Realm Guardian, Amatia, and much more!

  • LINK
  • LINK
  • LINK
  • LINK


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