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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions Empty Frequently Asked Questions

Post  Kamaji on Sun Dec 28, 2014 8:52 pm

Here is a list of questions and answers frequently asked about Mesozoic. It is highly recommended that users read these after reading the guides and rules and before they create a topic in the Help section. Thank you!

Question: Do we need to fill out a set Biography log?
Answer: The Biography Log is is a guide more so than a requirement in user biographies. The code of the log does not need to be used, but only the fields indicated with no "Optional" mentioned in the field description. More information about the logs can be found here.

Question: Is it required to do training in order to earn a rank and skills?
Answer: Yes! Though it does require some work, we do encourge entertainment in training instead of a lowly form or work without fun. More info here.

Question: Is there a form needed to join Mesozoic? Is it Mandatory?
Answer: YES! Find the form here. No form means that your account registration will be ignored by staff unless we see a form. They are deleted within 3 days maximum.

Question: Can we have more than one character on the same account?
Answer: No. Staff requires that you make a separate account for each character. For easy login, it is recommeneded to use the same password you use for your main character so that all you need to remember is the account username.

Question: I'm having trouble finding a certain link, what should I do?
Answer: View the Quick Links widget between Latest topis and Login in. Or you may view the guide found here


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