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Mythical Creature Biogrphy Template

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Mythical Creature Biogrphy Template Empty Mythical Creature Biogrphy Template

Post  Kamaji on Sat Feb 21, 2015 4:55 am

How to make a Biography
Below is the biography template for members of Mythical creatures to fill out. You are allowed to edit the colors of the biography however you choose. All information in the template is required except for those fields which say "optional". To find out how to edit the background color and border colors of the template see the Main Bio topic here

Biography Codes


[table style="border: 3px solid #52663D; table-layout:fixed; width: 100%; background: #ffffff; cellspacing="][tr][td][center][font=Comic Sans MS][b][size=24]Character Name - Rank[/size][/b][/font][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]House:[/color] [i](Vampire, Werewolf or Lycan)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Human Age:[/color] [i](Age of your character as a human)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]House Age:[/color] [i](Age of your character as a Vampire, Werewolf or Lycan[/i])[/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Gender:[/color] [i](Male, Female[/i])[/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Name Pronunciation?:[/color][i] (How do we say your characters name)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Voice:[/color][i] (Tone when they speak; optional)[/i][/center]
[center][b][size=24][font=Comic Sans MS]Appearance[/font][/size][/b][color=#ff0000]Skin Color:[/color] [i](White, Tan, Black, etc)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Body type:[/color] [i](Slim, bough, Muscular etc)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Lip Color:[/color][i] (Color of their lips)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Lip type:[/color] [i](Full, half-full)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Eye Color:[/color] [i](What color are the eyes?)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Eye type:[/color] [i](Oval, circle, rectangle, square)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Nail Color:[/color] [i](color of your nails)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Nail type:[/color] [i](Oval, rounded square etc)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Hair Color:[/color] [i](Your characters hair color)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Hair type: [/color][i](Thick, thin, etc)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Hair Length:[/color] [i](Shoulder, Cropped, Waist, etc)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Hair Style(s):[/color] (Style of your characters hair)[color=#ff0000]Weight:[/color] [i](In pounds)[/i][color=#ff0000]Height:[/color][i] (In feet)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Clothing:[/color] ([i]What does your character wear?)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Shoes:[/color] (Boots, sandals etc)[/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Jewelery:[/color] [i](Rings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, etc)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Weapons:[/color][i] (Swords, staffs, bows, daggers, crossbows,etc)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Weapon of Choice:[/color] [i](What weapon does your character prefer to use?)[/i][/center]
[center][b][size=24][font=Comic Sans MS]Character Attributes[/font][/size][/b][color=#ff0000]Character Traits:[/color] [i](Traits only! Kind, loyal, daring, etc)[/i][color=#ff0000]Likes:[/color] [i](What does your character enjoy?)[/i][color=#ff0000]Dislikes:[/color][i] (What does your character not like?)[/i][color=#ff0000]Habits:[/color] [i](Good and bad)[/i][color=#ff0000]Tragic Flaws:[/color] [i](Everyone has one! Old injuries, easy distractions, etc)[/i][size=24][font=Comic Sans MS][b]History[/b][/font][/size][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Birthplace:[/color][i] (Where were they born)[/i][color=#ff0000]Father:[/color] [i](Male Parent)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Mother:[/color] [i](Female parent)[/i][/center]
[center][color=#ff0000]Siblings:[/color][i] (Sisters and Brothers)[/i][color=#ff0000]Other Relatives:[/color][i] (Aunts, Uncles, cousins, etc)[/i][color=#ff0000]Spouse:[/color][i] (You could put their spouses name OR whether they are available or not)[/i][color=#ff0000]Children:[/color][i] (Names if their offspring)[/i][color=#ff0000]Adoptions?:[/color][i] (Did your character adopt anyone? Put their names!)[/i][/center]


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