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Mythical Species Guide WIP

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Mythical Species Guide WIP Empty Mythical Species Guide WIP

Post  Arane on Thu Feb 19, 2015 12:21 am

There are three main groups of Mythical Creatures known as Houses. Each House has a leader and ranks below them with duties attached to each one. The Houses are Vampire, Werewolf and Lycan. Below you may find information about each House which you may find useful when picking one for your character.


Vampires feed off the blood of humans to survive. They are capable of devouring human food, but they are required to drink blood when neccessary; some murderously, others with courtesy. Vampires posses a great amount of strength and speed. They are subject to a bloodlust when blood is not drunk in three days time. Their skin is found pale or vague colors in terms of characters having, tan or black skin, as examples. All vampires have two inch fangs used to bite their victims and drink their blood. Some Vampires are capable of possessing magical powers such as telepathy, curses, ect. Vampires also have highly alert senses used for tracking and hunting their next meal.
Note: They are allowed to walk in Sunlight!

The Arrow
The Arrow is the leader of all Vampires. This Vampire has been able to succeed in survival against all aspect throughout their years as a Vampire and control their thirst. The Arrow watches over other Vampires and leads hunting parties and Missions to remove those Vampires who cannot control themselves. The Arrow is also notified when a new Vampire has been "created" or destroyed by Vampire Hunters. Currently owner of the Black Mansion

The Advisors
There may be one or two of these vampires. They are highly political with the Arrow when they discuss battle affairs with other creatures as well as missions regarding their own kind. They advise the Arrow on the Clans next move on Kell and other threats.

These Vampires patrol, defend, and ensure order about the Clan. They also control the whereabouts of the other species; what is out of bounds, rules of the mansion, etc. In this rank, consists of one Head Guardsman known as the Master Fighter. The Arrow and Master Fighter are close and the Master follows the Arrow constantly for he is the protector of his leader.

These vampires have no truly important ranking in the Vampire world. They may choose to help in the battle against evil or do as please. Servants are found in this rank and ordinaries are simply stuck with the name Newborn.


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