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Side RP Conditions

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Side RP Conditions Empty Side RP Conditions

Post  Kamaji on Thu Feb 19, 2015 12:16 am


Side RP's are considered a privilage given to users by Staff. They are mainly supervised by Kamaji and include certain conditions for users to follow in order to participate in an RP outside the main focus of Mesozoic. This guide will explain everything you need to know about how the side rps of Mesozoic ought to be run and users should keep the conditions of such a privilege in mind!

Conditions of Participation in a Side RP

  1. You must be active on the site AND in main RPs

This means that you are to be active in Mesozoics main roleplay in order to participate in a side RP. A lack of activity in the main RP could result in temorary or permanent ban from Side RPs altogether.

2. As said in the regular rules of role play, do NOT powerplay!
It is understandably difficult not to powerplay with certain side RP themes. It is highly advised that you only join if you are certain you are capable of handling it. General RP rules do apply and warnings do as well!

3. 1 Character Limit!(for now...)
As we wish to see how this goes, it is ONE character only in the Side RP. This rule may be abolished if all goes well with activity and such.

4. All General Rules of Mesozoic do apply!
Self explanatory...

5. Magic is ALLOWED!
Magic is allowed in side RPs. The only term we ask you to keep in mind is that each useage of magic MUST have limits and risks. An RP where people take over the world with one mind reading magic trick is no fun. Keep it minimal and exciting! Give the powers advantages and disadvantages.

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